Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Summer Longing

I was looking at pictures from last summer and I realized, I miss it. Yes, I love the fall and winter but .. I want summer to come back.
Last summer I went on a cross country trip to Iowa, Winscosin, Minnesota, ect and although I felt it was boring and depriving me of my summer, it wasn't. I miss it! I miss the little town my mom grew up in, I miss my grandparent's house; how we'd feed the squirrels and stay up till 6 in the morning. I miss my mom's cousin's town; it was so darling and sweet. I miss the never ending corn fields and the rain.

{All of these photos are mine}

I miss staring out the window for hours, watching everything I passed by.

I miss the little town my aunt lives in. I miss the farm I spent my rain-y fourth of july in.

I miss Mount Vernon, Iowa {my mom's hometown}. It was so cute and quaint. How beautiful it probably is in the fall!

I miss that little chipmunk that bite my finger. I miss my grandparent's home in Winscosin; we would feed the squirrels almost every day and eat delicious treats and at night make fires and make smores while squatting the bugs from our bare legs.

I miss riding my bike in their little neighborhood at seven in the morning with no sleep. I miss that one day when there was rain and thunder and lightning and how we rode our bikes for a couple yards and freaked out when a bolt of lightning riped the sky.

I miss walking to Gordys to rent movies or get doghnuts or poptarts.

I miss the lake ..

I now appriecate that vacation, it made me a different person and opened my eyes to the world.
I want to go back.
I want to live in that summer dream as I did before.

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