Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Live in Fear

I can't contain my excitement for Saturday! I'm going to Knotts Scary Farm :D
For all of those who don't live in Southern California {hopefully you've heard of Knotts Berry Farm}, it's one of those halloween events that amusement parks always put on. This will be my third year in a row and I'm going with my amazing friend Janae. I can't wait!!!

A doll from 2007 The Doll Factory {best maze EVER!}


Perhaps I'm just odd, but I LOVE it there. Honestly, I could live there. How sad.. I plan to work there someday!
I saw this girl {below} two years ago; she was simply fantastic! Words cannot describe her talent. You'd had to have expierenced it in person.


I should stop now, because I can go ON and ON about this place..
To wrap it all up, if you live in Southern Cali and have never been there, please go, it's amazing.

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