Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm a Betsey Girl in a Betsey World ..

Today was probably the best day of my life. So .. I went shopping .. and I went to Forever 21 & got these things:
That's actually a deep jewel purple o.0
But that's not the best part! Betsey Johnson was having a Labor Day sale and taking advantage of it, my mom and I headed over to my favorite store in the whole world .. By the way, the lady who helped me, Nicole, was a DOLL. I wish I looked like her {she was stunning, incredibly tall and thin}, and she said I was a true Betsey girl because I put my outfit together creativily {is that a word?}. I was wearing two dresses by the way, one was transformed into a skirt and worn over the other one. Yeah, okay moving on ..
BAM! Yes, I purchased something from Betsey Johnson {just saying her name makes my heart flutter}. Originally, the dress was 500 dollars but it was marked down to 200 ..
Are you ready for this?
VIOLA! I call her Alice, yes I named her. She's my new best friend ;D
I'm going to have many adventures with her ..

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love buzz. said...

i like to collect betsey stuff. <3 cute dress.