Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rain, Please Come Out and Play

My god I wish it would rain. I love the rain; I'm obsessed with it. It never rans here, that's why it's so special when it actually does.
I love the way it looks on windows. I love the smell after. I love the soft tapping it makes on my roof. I love staring at it, thinking, dreaming. I love the way it makes everything look beautiful. I love driving in the rain and the sound of windshield wipers and how they make silly shapes on the windows. I love the feeling on my skin. I love how it inspires me. I love how I have certain songs I listen to when it rains. I love everything about it.
I want to pull on rainboots and dance outside in the rain, my hands over my head, my eyes up at the sky, laughing and screaming, making memories and inspiring dreams.
I love the concept of kissing in the rain; I will do it someday.


Anonymous said...

thanx for following. i agree, rain is beautiful, but this summer was too rainy!

Runaway Gallery said...

that first photo of the man jumping looks like so much fun

Cassidy said...

your welcome love ! aw I wish it rained here in Cali D: . send it here !!!

@Runaway Gallery
oh I know :D