Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Bat's Mouth

My first day of school was lovely! I didn't get lost {okay I had to ask for directions once}, I like my teachers so far, and I got to see some friends I didn't get to see over the summer. But I was reminded that I hate a lot kids my age, oh my god, and that math is the worst class ever. But on the bright side, I'm moving forward with my life. This whole highschool thing seems kind of surreal! It's just hard to grasp I'm a freshman! Now enough school talk, it's kind of depressing. Let's talk about a more suitable subject, like halloween! Tehe!
I know I just did a post on it but I'm sorry, when I said I was obsessed, I meant it. So the question that has still remained unanswered is: what am I going to be? I have some ideas but I really need to make a decision because if I make my costume I won't have much time.
Here are my ideas so far:
- Evil Nurse {as in a nurse from Emilie Autumn's Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls}; pretty sure no ones going to get that but whatever.
No, it's not one of those slutty nurse costumes {not into that kind of thing}, here's an example:
or perhaps something funny ? An evil poptart maybe ?
{don't remember the source sorry!}
I'm just so utterly confused, help or ideas would be greatly appriecated! :D

P.S. I'm working on a special layout that will be put up for only the month of october! tehe!

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