Monday, September 7, 2009

Moon and Moon

Tomorrow is my first day of school; the first day of my Freshman year. Am I excited? Sort of. The transition is just odd, I'm used to staying up late, sleeping in, laying around the house all day, hanging out with friends everyday. Summer is carefree but then school rolls in and suddenly BAM structure. Waking up early, late nights trying to finish homework. But on the bright side, its my first year of highschool! I'm starting a new chapter in my book of life! Yes I will miss those summer days, but I hope to meet great new people, learn a lot , and discover who I really am.
So I'm pushing the airy dresses back into the depths of my closet and bringing forth my warm, cozy clothes that will keep me warm through the winter months {it doesn't get that cold here though, I dearly wish it snowed}. I can't even listen to Katie Herzig without feeling the sadness that summer is coming to an end.
Enough of my complaining though, lets talk about the greatest holiday ever, HALLOWEEN!
Yes, this holiday could be considered cheesy and childish but I'm sorry; I just love it. I love the hype, the costumes, makeup, those cheesy halloween movies {Hocus Pocus!}, and the free candy. I mean come on, who DOESN'T want free candy? Although I'm ashamed to say I don't know what I want to be this year {which is odd considering I usually have it figured out a year in advance}.
This holiday is an excuse to eat enourmously huge servings of candy and dress up in whatever you please. If I had a choice, I wish everyday could be Halloween!
Can you say uh YUM?! I can almost taste that ahhh okay I have to stop..
What's your favorite candy? Mines Reeses and candy corn ;D
I know its only one night {one would think all this anticipation would be unnescessary for one night} but I'm sorry, I just think everything about this holiday is perfect & everything is SO worth it!
I wish California had pretty autumns like they do in the midwest. :{
Well I guess I should bring this post to an end..
oh and P.S. I went shopping up in L.A., I'll post my new finds soon!!


MalibuMara said...
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love buzz. said...

yay, pumpkins! but omg, so jealous of you being a cali girl. wanna swap lives?! xxx