Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's That Time Of Year Again ..

Summer is ending .. that means school is right around the corner {September 8th to be exact}. That means getting up early, staying up late to finish homework, and school bells. This year I'll be going into ninth grade, first year of highschool, yay! I'm excited! The starting of school also means ..FALL!

Things I love about Fall:
- the smells ; pumpkin, baking bread, the crisp cold air in the morning, apple pie ..
- the tastes! ; halloween candy & pumpkin pie {I LOVE PUMPKIN PIE!}
- halloween ; i have the BIGGEST obsession with halloween, i just love the costumes, makeup, and hype! not to mention it's free candy ;D
- school starting ; i don't like homework but i love seeing my friends after a long summer {i hate summer}!
- thanksgiving ; okay so i pretty much hate thanksgiving food {sorry but uh ew}, it's just that when thanksgiving is over, everybody gets all excited about christmas & my family always watches elf on thanksgiving. i love that movie .. i slept through thanksgiving dinner though cause i had the flu .. tehe.
- my  brother's birthday ; i just love birthdays.

Things I hate about Fall
- school starting ; homework and work D;
- allergy season ; my asthma and allergies get all weird
- fires ; we get a crapload of fires in california in the fall .. ONE TIME like two years ago there was so much ash in the air that it turned the sun all big and orange and the sunlight was orange and it was the coolest thing ever!

Now that I got that out of the way, it's time to talk about school.

Things I love about school:
- seeing my friends! ; i don't see much of my friends during summer so i love going back to school to see all of them!
- meeting new people ; since i'm starting highschool, i'm going to met a ton of new people and hopefully make a lot more friends.
- waking up early ; i love waking up early! i know i'm weird but it's so quiet and peaceful {you don't get that in my house very often}, and i love watching the sun rise .. oh and the smell of a cold crisp fall morning .. amazing
- back to school shopping ; i love shopping for new clothes & school supplies! but then again i love shopping in general o.0 .

Things I hate about school:
- going to bed early ; hate it , i love sleeping and all but seriously.. i feel like i don't have enough hours in the day.
- work ; .. who wants to do work that they don't want to? not me.
- creeper teachers & mean kids ; enough said.

My back to school style?
I've been thinking about that and I have a bunch of different styles I want to try out ..

Basically ..
- I want to feel confident in my clothes and in myself
- I don't want to fit in {not like I ever did before haha}
- I'm going to be myself no matter what anyone says
- I don't follow trends, in fact I usually go against them. If everyone is wearing something, I won't wear it.
- I create my own trends. I'll do anything once and I don't do what everyone else does.
- I don't care what people think about my clothes. If you like them, awesome! If you hate them, that's great good for you.

Your clothes, hair, makeup, and your overall apperence is the first thing people see when they meet you. And sadly, we all judge each other based on this aspect. Yes I care about my appearence, but I'm not trying to impress anyone and I dress the way I want to. That doesn't mean I don't want to look good though!
I want to dress in clothes that make me look good and make me feel beautiful. I want to be confident and feel and look amazing. I'm going to dress in what I like, what I want, hold my head high and strut myself.
I don't really have any pictures that can show what style I want to have but I'll try to explain .. ;D

I want to look like a cupcake!
Okay that sounds retarded haha .. let me explain. I want to look pretty and sweet, dress in pastels, ruffles, pearls, and bows. Wear pretty dresses with glitter, sparkles, sequins, tulle, and ruffles. Adorn my head with dainty bows, big accesories, loud
hair pieces. Like a modern Marie Antoinette with a Betsey Johnson flare!
{.} & {.}

Classic Yet Dramatic
I want to be mysterious, leaving everyone always hanging, wanting to know more .. I want that chanel look ; black and white, simple but says so much. I have so much clothes like this, I'm always drawn to them too!

Cute and Unique
The girl that's kind of reserved, loves to dream, always has her head up in the clouds, loves magical little things, and living in her own little world. Little white frocks, butterfly hairclips, long messy hair, dreamy white leggings, and pastel mary janes ..
Promises To Myself
My goal in highschool is to learn to accept myself and my flaws, make new friends, become a better person, and learn more about myself. I'm going to cry, laugh, scream, have fun, have my heart broken, and feel like I want to die, and through all those expierences I'm going to grow as a person and learn from my mistakes. I want to be able to look back on my highschool years with a satisified smile on my face. I'm not going to hold back; I'm going to love everyone, take risks, and live my life to the fullest {cliche I know}.

1. Be nice to everyone ; a basic rule that everyone should live by. Even if I don't like the person I'm going to be respectful and kind. I don't want to start drama or conflict with other people.

2. Give at least one compliment everyday even if its to myself ; I love making others feel good about themselves. I'm a strong believer in loving yourself and I want to encourage others to accept themselves who they are.

3. Get good grades ; pretty self explainatory.

4. Get more involved ; meet as many people as I can, make connections, be carefree, have fun!

 5. Take risks ; I want to be able to look back and not have any regrets. I don't want to wish I could of done this or that. I'm going to be smart but I'm going to be fearless.
I think I've sad enough, haha sorry for the long post, I was just DIEING to post something because I hadn't posted anything in forever. If you read through all of that, wow, I think I would have stopped earlier on, but thanks so much anyway.

<3 Cassidy

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