Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tidbits of My World

Yesterday I took a little trip to Michaels and got some goodies!
Some sweet file folders {har har har}, sushi erasers, these cardboard cupcake things, Easter cookie cutters {I'm officially collecting cookie cutters now, so if you have an unwanted cookie cutters, I'll gladly take them off your hands .. really .. it's no hassle}, and icing colors!

Here's a little update on my artwork ..

Thee Ice Cream Parlor. This isn't anything I plan to sell as it is on notebook paper and in my sketchbook.

I like how it turned out. :}
Here's a sneak preview of what I'm working on ..

And finally, I'm writing down all my recipes and such as so:

My mom is convinced I shoud make my own cookbook with little drawings like this haha. I just might take her up on that offer .. OH! Or maybe I could create a zine? But not with my recipes, it would be a collaberation with a bunch of other cooks and bakers. Hm ..
Why am I writing down recipes you may be thinking? Well I've decided to take up baking! Yes, it seems reasonable considering how many dessert posts I make dedicated to the art of sugar. My mother has been really supportive; buying me the ingredients I need and even signing me up for a cake making class! {THEY'RE ONLY SIX BUCKS A CLASS AT MICHAELS!}. I'm really excited, I have so many ideas. HEHE! Oh and yesterday, to kick off my career in baking, yeah right, I made some funfetti cupcakes! As you could probably guess from my illustrations ..

I think I did a beautiful job for my first time! :} Not to brag or anything .. anyway these are basically my testing cupcakes. Either today, or some other time as my mountain trip may interfer with this plan, I'm going to make a bunch of different frostings and just play around with techinques and styles and flavors. I can't wait! I wish I could send all my lovely readers a cupcake .. <3


nourishing mornings said...

love this! you should totally make a little cookbook with drawings ahh so so cute/so pretty!
you are really talented lovie!


Thelma said...

I still have to do my test run too this week!
Your cupcakes look perfet!

daisychain said...

thanks so much for the sweet comment.
I wish we had a micheals here, I NEED those cookie cutters!

ANGELICA! said...

ohh my gosh, that is seriously th ebest idea your mother has probably ever had! i would buy that cookbook in a minute if you made one! those drawings are just absolutely adorable <3
you are so talented!


Diya said...

OMG amazingly cute artwork. my god the drawings are as delicious-looking as the cupcakes!

btw i would love it if you could visit my blog:

Cassidy said...

eliza - thank you soso much girly ! i appriecate your positive feedback . :D

thelma - i know right ? haha i'm very proud of them ;}

daisy - you're welcome <3 . i LOVE michaels , whatta shame :{

angelica - aw yay ! :D you're so sweet , it realy means a lot to me <3

diya - thank you <3 . i'll check it out :}

Megan Chérie said...

Oh my gosh yes, I would love to see you make a cookbook! You're so talented & I love the way you sketch :D

xo, Megan ;*

isabella said...

wow, this is amazing.
they are so cute and beautiful!

please check out & comment my blog!
and follow please :)!

OneCraftyFox said...

Your little cookbook is amazing, your mom is right!

Cassidy said...

megan - i really am starting to consider it .. :}

isabella - aw thanks ! i'll check out your blog for sure :}

fox - you're a sweetheart <3

PinkBow said...

these are amazing, i absolutely love your sketches. i would love to see more...

Anonymous said...

you are a goddess! yes, i agree with your mom completely -- a book a book a book!