Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Together Again

Here are just some photos from my past week.


Friday was my formal and I must say it was the worst expierence of my life. Not overreacting either.
I don't have any pictures of me in my dress because my friend has them .. I don't know if I'll ever get a hold of them either. Oh well, that's not that important. I'd rather not have memories of that night.
So it started out good. My friend's boyfriend drove me, her, and two of my other friends up to Knotts Berry Farm, where it had been closed down for my dance. Not only was it freezing, it was also raining. Oh yeah and it was at 8 pm. So we arrive there, get out, get inside, and walk around the park aimlessly searching for the dance all the while getting drenched by the rain. There was no point in doing my hair or my makeup considering it was ruined in the first ten minutes upon arrival. Not only did I end up staying for almost 4 hours even though I wanted to leave, I was chilled to the bone, wet, and exhausted. Finally we left, but when we got in the car, it wouldn't start. So we sat there. For an hour. Until someone from Knotts came over with jumper cables. Relieved to finally be leaving, my bliss is short lived when my friend's boyfriend realizes he has no idea how to get home. And during this time, my friend accidently found out he had been cheating on her with one of our good friends. Isn't that lovely? We were tortured by the fact we couldn't beat the sense out of him all the while he drove us home. We arrived at my friend's house at two in the morning; hyper, starving, angry, and not tired at all. It was just was just a horrible night. I do not see myself going to any future formal dances. I didn't even dance. Ahem, enough of my ranting.


After all the rain there was a pretty rainbow! Made my day so much better.


Headband and coat from Forever 21.
My lipstick looks odd in the picture but it's a deep crimson, it's so pretty and sparkly! I used to wear lipstick all the time last year. I don't know why I stopped ..probably because of basketball. Ugh, I need to get back into actually trying to make myself look decent. Hopefully with warm weather, that will be easier.


Jacket: Wet Seal
Dress and leggings: dunno my mom gave them to me

And yet again I'm forced to layer a bunch of clothing due to the cold weather. It's getting really annoying actually, I have so many outfits put together in my mind I just can't wear them because it's too cold! I guess I shouldn't be complaining though considering California is the least bit chilly compared to say the midwest or east coast.



Anonymous said...

oh my, i remember those nights that never wanted end. those were horrible! sorry to hear you had such a time and too bad the rain and your friend's bf made it a thousand times worse. hope your friend is okay.

blue eyed night owl said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dance. I'm one of those people who never stuck around for their high school dance till the end (well unless it ended at midnight :P) fortunately I had friends who always left early too. And I usually made sure there was a way I could leave on my own as well.

I hope that if you ever bring up the courage to got to another one, it will be the best dance ever!

Love the first picture by the way!

ANGELICA! said...

oh gosh, that just sounds awful!! thank goodness it finally ended. i hope your dances get much much better, i'm sure they will. don't give up on them just yet!

you look absolutely beautiful, and i really love the headband and the jacket. just lovely.