Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Gave Up On Me To Be With Her

My outfit from yesterday:

Shirt & Skirt: Forever 21

Sorry for the crap pictures; didn't really feel like making an effort. In other words, winter formal is tomorrow! I'm so excited! More so to go on rides {it's at Knotts Berry Farm} than the actual dance. Me and my friends will probably dance for about five minutes and be like screw this and go on the teacup ride. I am not a normal teenager. I'm wearing my Betsey Johnson dress and probably a pair of flats ..I'd rather not mutate my feet with blisters and sores by running around for four hours in a pair of heels. Plus, I don't have a pair that goes with my dress and I'm too lazy to go get some so flats will have to do.
It's funny how seriously people take these things. They all find it necessary to go with a "date" or in a limo. Sorry but no thanks! I'm perfectly happy with my friends and lame kiddy rides. :}

Katrina from Pugly Pixel has been so kind as to give me the Kreativ Blogger Award.
So here, 7 things you may not know about me:

1. I'm a vegetarian.
2. I LOVE pita chips & hummus.
3. I rarely watch TV, and if I do it must mean I'm really bored or at a friend's house.
4. I play basketball; I don't really like sports but I love basketball. My dad's a big basketball person too. I've basically grown up with my entire life but just now I realized it's one of my passions.
5. I'm Wiccan and a liberal independent. Although I am more so democratic than republican.
6. I'm not afraid to speak my mind and I can be very blunt at times.
7. I tend to hate something that everybody else loves, I don't know why, I just do.

OH HEY! Ten more days till V-day! :D

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