Friday, January 1, 2010

Your Eyes Are Like Starlight

I've decided I'm going to start posting more pictures of my everyday life and style. Thanks to my new camera I can! Yes, I'm lame and for now {until I find someone willing to take pictures of my outfits} I'm using mirrors. Which really irritate me but whatever, it works.

Sweater: Forever 21
Dress {worn as a skirt}: Forever 21
Hair Piece: gift
Shoes: Forever 21

Hehe I like that store. Oh and look! I bought some purple lipstick! It's awesome, I love it.

photos by me


KATIA said...

You look pretty :) I love your hair piece! and your outfit is lovely :) Happy new year!

Thelma said...

Pretty! You have the camera that I want!

Cassidy said...

Katia - thanks cupcake ! :D

Thelma - it's awesome :o