Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Call It Art

Here's some previews of my recent sketches/art ..


ANGELICA! said...

wow! beautiful <3 you are so very talented!
i can't wait to see them in full!


blue eyed night owl said...

They are gorgeous, I'm so glad you decided to put them on here! Phish food is my absolute favorite B&J's btw.

Do you use regular coloring pencils or colorsoft? I think I should buy some colorsofts myself, I'm going to the art store in about ten minutes.

I take it you drew your logo too, right? It is so cute!

michellehendra said...

lovely! make the real ones please!
craving for themmm


Chelsea Nicole. said...

i'm SERIOUSLY in love with the pop tarts doodles! xxoo

Anonymous said...

these are freakin' fantastic. you've inpired me to pick up my gel pens to do some serious doodling.

Thelma said...

Awesome! you are talented! Purse it, it is a gift!