Friday, January 22, 2010

Lusting Over Lovely Locks

Tavi from Style Rookie just reminded me how much I wish my hair was an exotic pastel color. Cotton Candy Pink! It definatly would be hard considering I'd have to bleach my hair which isn't exactly the most pleasent thought. Of course, I would not do it during school, perhaps during the summer or something? I'm not sure.


I admire her courage; she really is something spectucular.







Have you ever wanted to dye your hair any bizarre colors?


Thelma said...

I have never had the nerve to try bizarre colors but I absolutely love looking at girls who do! Especially Blues, pinks, and reds.

Anonymous said...

i have dyed the 'tips'(it was quite some cm!) pink! I also had to bleach my hair (i'm chinese) and though i love(d) it, it gave me split ends and i never have split ends normally, so i don't think i'll ever bleach my hair again. i'd love to though! like an electric blue or mint or cotton candy pink! :D i've had it dark red too. my dream would be platinum blonde (i love gwen stefani's hair!) but that's quite impossible xD

madame topia. said...

definetely not.
okay, i would die to have blond hair..but not that "electric" way, you know.


Cassidy said...

thelma - that's the beauty of wigs ! :D

borderbasher - the only thing i don't like about bleach is that it's so bad for your hair !! OH MY GOD i would looove to have hair like gwen stefani ! unfortunatly that would look terrible on my complexion :{

madame topia - oh definatly ! sometimes i wish there was a way you could just change the color of your hair without damaging it . like BARBIES ! :o and polly pockets ! you wet the hair and they change colors :D