Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thrilling in the Thought That You Have No Idea

I cannot wait till summer. I cannot wait for the warmth and sunshine and the freedom and the fun and the travelling. I wish I could see the world; I want to see Paris and Tokyo and New York and Australia and London and anywhere else. Just anywhere but here. If only my heart could fly me around the world. If only we lived in a fantasy world. Imagination would not be something of the mind but it would be reality. And we could do or be or want whatever we fancied and no one would care. Wouldn't it be lovely?




P.S. It's my 100th post!
-insert confetti here-


M. Dominic said...

I would love it if it was summer and we could all go traveling. So good!

Ania said...

this just reminds me that I NEED to go back to Paris. what an unbelievable city it is...
meanwhile stuck in snowy london and 'preparing' for an exam tonight :]


lavelle said...

i LOVE that first photo of the suitcases