Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have so much to say, oh dear where do I start?
I had a lovely Christmas .. beautiful presents, cozy fires, romance movies, friends and family, beatles rock band, and fairy lights. I'm terribly sad it's over. It went by way too fast; this year has gone by way to fast. Other bloggers have said so as well ..why? I don't understand. But what's a girl to do?

Oh my gosh I don't want the holiday magic to end. I want everybody to leave their lights up forever and I want to lounge by the fire, listening to Christmas music and talking to friends and family. I want that chilidish excitement, that rush you get when you see all those pretty little wrapped gifts ..or stuffed stockings.



The day after Christmas I went shopping {!!!!}. I bought some FANTASTIC pieces and I hardly spent much .. well at least it was under my budget. I still have more dough to burn on my new wardrobe ;} I will  be posting pictures soon, of my finds and of my gifts. I don't want to accept that Christmas is over, I'll really miss it.


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LML said...

hope you had a great christmas!
im loving these pictures :)