Monday, October 12, 2009

Your Smile is Beautiful and it Makes Me Happy

Today was cloudy and cold {it even sprinkled a bit!} and it was just fantastic! It made school all the more bareable. :}
And its supposed to rain tomorrow and the next day. The weather seems to be in my favor.

I've been spending so much time on flickr it's kind of sad .. I will post my favorites soon. I don't feel like doing it right now, too lazy.

This is to all you photographers out there:
I really love photography! And I want to create beautiful, inspiring pictures but I don't know where to start. Sure, I've been experimenting with my family's uncooperative, crappy digital camera but eh they look awful! So my question is, what's a good camera to start out with? Should I invest in a high quality camera or settle for a decent, temporary one? So many questions that need answering..

Oh and P.S., I've been lusting for a polaroid camera for the longest time. If anyone knows a good place where I can get them cheap {if that even exsists}, I would appreciate it greatly!!!

This is the start of a lovely week :D

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