Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is a Gift, it Comes With a Price

It has finally rained! I'm so happy, this just makes my day so much better.
It never rains here, NEVER. That's why whenever it does, everybody freaks out. It's just .. beautiful. Simply inspiring and lovely. I love love love it.

I want to dance and sing and laugh in it. I want to be inspired and moved, I want to create beautiful artwork and think of magnificent ideas. So I'll draw lovely things and stare at the sky for hours on end, and I'll be so happy I'll ignore my petty frets and for once, forget who I am and lose myself in the vastness of the world. I'll feel significent and that's where I'll find pure bliss and inner peace. The answers are inside of us all we just need to find the strength to find them.


"Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain."

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LML said...

it hasnt rained here in a while and finally did this week .... i find something to be quite romantic about rain :)