Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Okay To Say You Got A Weak Spot

I want to start taking creepier photos. I'm actually a very morbid, disturbed person. :)
This is my best friend Olivia. Isn't she beautiful? Also, I'm obsessed with my black lipstick. (It's actually face paint)

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Athena. said...

These are incredible;
so, so haunting, but beautifully so.

Anonymous said...

what type of lens or camera etc would i use to make my picture look like this:

sorry im clueless

love your bloggg haha

Courtney K. said...

Love them! The second to last one is my absolute favorite.

Cassidy said...

Thanks lovelies!

Anonymous - That looks likes it was taken with a film camera. No, it's alright :) And thank you!