Monday, August 30, 2010

Electric Bright

One week left before school.
I guess it's time to figure out who I want to be.

Photocredit: Olivia
Click on the images for the link to the source! Two of them are on hers and two of them are on my mine!


Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

gorgeous photos =] x

Casie Jean said...

how lucky to be able to contemplate surrounded by loveliness and water.
I am in love with your new header!
Casie Jean

lauren carney said...

ooh laa laa!
your blog makes my insides happy!
the pretty pictures are so grand!
how splendid indeed! x x

April said...

A week is a pretty long time, I think you can do it.

DIANA DYE said...

Amazing photos!! And amazing view its wonderful!! I love all your past black and white photos I live for that hahahaha! incredible blog.