Friday, August 20, 2010

It'd Still Be The Same

There was a moment where we were swimming in that river in the early hours of dawn, before the sun had awaken, and looking up, we could see the entire galaxy. It was so perfect and wonderful, we were laughing and smiling, looking at each other and swelling with pride and joy and we weren't thinking, we were being. We were just two people, insignificant in comparison to the universe. At that moment, we understood our existence and the purpose we held on this earth. Maybe I'll never know all the answers, but I'm content enough to not care.

Learning to breathe





Maddie M. said...

Stunning photos and amazing writing as usual. Love, love, love.

Casie Jean said...

just lovely xox

Casie Jean
shall I love you, said the swallow

Courtney K. said...

Lovely as usual. I love the picture of her in the water. Water pictures are my favorite.

Barbara said...

oh that's so inspiring <3

kittycat said...

i really love this post, thankya

Indie.Tea said...

What lovely, lovely images...great post.

Clara said...

amazing pics.
lovely blog