Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Runs In The Family

Today, I stepped in a cactus because of this photoshoot.
The first three are of Olivia, the last one of me; I can't post these on my flickr until August because I don't have a pro account.

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Mitri said...

I think the second photo is my favorite; it's so eccentric.

Curse flickr for demanding payment.

Barbara said...

Pretty images!!!!
how come you don't have your pro account?? i extended mine the other day and had no problems at all!

See Hear Say said...

i love your blog and your photos!!

Casie Jean said...

these suit my mood perfectly. I love love the first photograph, so lovely.

Cassidy said...

mitri - agreed ! i hopefully will be getting a pro soon though !

barbara - i'm hoping to get one soon i just need to talk to my mom about it because i'm broke :|

see hear say - thank you so much !

casie jean - thanks love :} and i'm glad they're in accordance with what you're feeling ! i love that feeling .

Bri said...

Very pretty!

April said...

I really love the second one. Great use of space.

Rachel (tea and chocolate) said...

Your blog has such beautiful photos! I love the second one.

Mimi said...

Looks like the fields of the countryside in Tx