Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Watch The Doorway Quietly Wait For You

I'm going to disneyland tomorrow and I'll be spending the night there. SO EXCITED.










Anonymous said...

oh how I envy you! just love all things disney - so magical! wishing you loads of fun girl!

xoxo Melissa

Sher said...

How amazing!! Take a lot of pics for us to see! I've always dreamed of going to disneyland:)


Thelma said...

This is my favorite post of yours! I LOVE LOVE anything Disney! I have the glittery Minnie ears!

Tanvi said...

Enjoy! Such cute pictures! :)

Mimi said...

I have always been a Disney lover, and I actually still am! I'm trying to collect all the dvd's.

LOVE this post, something whimsical about Disney that I think no girl can resist.


Mitri said...

I hope you have an incredible time-- no holding back! ;)

Mash said...

I love Disneyland ...oh my ! I'm so jealous ahah enjoy your trip !

Anonymous said...

ooo have fun! love the inspiration!

April said...

Lucky girl! Have fun!!

MMM said...

ooooooh! so funny and sooo sweet=)

have a look at
kisses from 3 italian firends =)

m.fay said...

lovely post! happy to find your blog, it's darling.


hope you stop by and say hello.