Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Must Of Somehow Slept The Whole Night

The only thing that understands me is not human.






I got a pro flickr account! Woohoo!


Courtney said...

i love pictures of sunny naps. i used to call them pink naps when i was little because your eyelids are pink when you shut them :)

shannonnatasha said...

I love these photos!

Casie Jean said...

yay to more photos from you!
These are just lovely xox

Emily (Travel and Toile) said...

Oh this makes me want to snuggle up in bed so badly. Lovely post, as always.

April said...

These look so comfy.

Mitri said...

The only thing that understands me is my diary. >>

Can't wait to look at your new & improved flickr :)

.Jessica. said...

Ahhhh this just makes me want to go back to bed and fall asleep again. I'm going to need another coffee.

Cassidy said...

jessica - i haven't fallen asleep yet .. and it's 5:30 where i am hahahah

Mimi said...

Makes me want to get cozy in bed!