Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Just Don't Love Me And I Just Don't Care

There are days where I wouldn't trade my life or my recovery for anything in the world. Taking late night walks by ourselves, the thrill of being alone and the chance we might get caught, giggling hysterically and dancing and singing. I love how we complain about not being able to see the stars but how we lie on the ground anyway staring up at the cloudy night sky. Going to the park and running through the sprinklers with people we've never met until that night and playing on the jungle gym just like we did years ago. We stay up late and wake up early. We watch mediocre horror movies and eat pita chips and we laugh until our stomachs hurt. Drinking till everything funny and till our bodies feel funny and we roll and stumble and giggle. This is my life. This is summer.







R said...

OH! your blog is beautiful. I'm so glad I just discovered it.

the maisies said...

such a lovely picture of summer

MMM said...

lovely pics! want to be at the seaside too =)
have a look at

My Telephone said...

I love this!

michellehendra said...

me wannaaaaaaaaaa scream ; I LOVE THIS


Dani said...

the first one is so mermaid-esque!

libys11 said...

this just made me wish i was in the beach right now.. :)

Animated Confessions

missrantsypants said...

gorgeous images of summer.

Erica said...

I am glad I discovered your blog, the collection is wonderful!

Also I love to cook too, I see you're really good at baking. For whatever reason I'm an excellent cook, terrible baker. I can do it, I'm just not very good.


Mimi said...

What beautiful writing and pictures!

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm really glad actually because the more of your blog I see the more I like!