Tuesday, June 15, 2010

With The Last Breath Of My Soul I'll Be Blessing You

I wish my room was big enough for twin beds. I'd love to just lounge and sleep on one all day long; that's all I've felt like doing lately anway.








Why bother bothering when it's not going to change?


Laia Chic said...

fantastic blog and photos

borderbasher said...

Oh how is your re-decorating going?

Cassidy said...

laia - thank you !

borderbasher - heh .. well i haven't exactly started yet .. i'm just collecting inspiration at the moment .

Emily (Travel and Toile) said...

I really love this blog. This post was especially lovely. Thank you.

LML said...

i love the pictures you post, they're always so dreamy :)

Next-Trend.com said...

love all of these pictures, they are all fabulous and very inspiring, thank you :D

lyndsay said...

beautiful series... !