Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Want To Take You Far

Alla Kostromicheva in ‘The Girl from Atlantis‘ photographed by Sølve Sundsbø
Styled by George Cortina for Vogue Nippon May 2010

Pictures found here.


MMM said...

hi Cassidy! ypur blog is just we've signed in =)

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blue eyed night owl said...

Wow, awesome pictures, although lack of eyebrows always creeps me out a little.

By the way, I'm having a cupcake themed giveaway on my blog. As a consequence of me neglecting it these days, no one has entered yet, so I figure your chances will stay quite high if you'd join in.

Have a great day!

P.S. Cupcakes in last post look delicious!

Maggie said...

Love your blog :)


Mimmi Kristina said...

How wonderful. They are my favourites aswell. My father bought a box of them and then he went to Stockholm for a weekend, so someone had to eat them..... I took the job. Are you french?