Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lady Sings The Blues So Well

For father's day, I decided to make my step-dad a cake using the cake pans I recently recieved, more info here. I decided to go with a chocolate cake. The batter was oddly too thick but I figured oh well and put it in the oven anyway ..

Yeah. They turned into giant circular brownies. So I just shoved it in some tupperware and gave it to my friend haha.

 A few hours after my cake failure, I decided to try again. This time I went with a simple yellow cake. (Sorry I didn't feel like editing the pictures)

It was a success! Except for the fact I burned two of the layers cause I forgot they were in the oven but you can't tell with the frosting. I would say it was a success.

Yay, pretty, good quality pictures!


nourishing mornings said...

looks so delicious and yes great quality photos! :) I am such a bad baker ;) you are quite talented love, you should open a bakery, seriously it would be the cutest! your step-dad is a very lucky man.

xx kisses

MMM said...

You was right when you decided not to give up cause the final result seems to be a great success!

keep going =)

Catriona G said...

that cake looks lovely!!

loucieee said...

It makes me drool. haha

rookie baker said...

im scared of baking layers cake :(