Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wild Is The Wind

I refrained from putting pictures on this post because I want you and other readers to pay attention to what I have to say.

            I could attempt to describe the anger and frustration I feel but words would not do my emotions justice. It’s people like you that disprove my theory that mankind is good. You are blinded by your dogmatic opinions and beliefs. You retain rigid theories and explanations. Your conservative outlooks have alienated your children as well as yourself. You possess no respect and express no tolerance for different opinions and therefore, it is you that are ignorant. 
I have no doubt that my friend’s parents would not let me hang around their children if they knew half of the things I believed in or stood for. They would be disgusted that I support gay marriage and act as an advocate to feminism. Because I’m a liberal and usually agree with Democratic ideas, I am suddenly a delusional, naïve radical. I don’t know whether to laugh or be angry. Your childish and hypocritical behavior is ludicrous.
I do not require everybody to believe in the same things as I do. All I ask for is respect. Why is it that I, the teenage girl, am more mature than you, the adult parents? I’ve always understood that my parents are ahead of their “time” and that my family’s candor relations are not of the norm. But why? I simply can’t comprehend why or what you have against me. Your initial reaction is to blame me because I’m a bad influence on your daughter. I cannot suppress my spite any longer. I am sick of  you blaming me for your inadequate parenting skills and inability to accept that your beliefs are superior to everyone else’s. Suddenly, I am the enemy because I give your child, my friend, a different perspective. 
          This event has pushed me to the limit. My goal to be optimistic and positive is pushed to the back of my mind. I simply can’t ignore or avoid the present tribulation. I refuse to conform and I refuse to give up my dignity. I have every right to maintain my current opinions and preferences. And  you cannot destroy our friendship because I am not about to stand by and helplessly watch a healthy relationship disintegrate. This is a bigger conflict then you can ever imagine because this is kind of oppression occurs every day. Our American society lies on the foundation of the Constitute, for without it, there would be no democracy or freedom. Even though we are guaranteed the rights and freedoms of expression and speech just because we are human, we are suppressed by our fellow man. 
  Many of us refrain from expressing our personal values because we fear judgment of others. People are abused and ridiculed for their sexual orientation, for their political opinions, and for their religious preferences. I do not understand this behavior. And I never will. But I will continue to fight for the right to choose and the right to be who one wishes to be. To clarify, I love this country and I love humanity. But this behavior is not justified. There is not a document in the Constitute that consents discrimination against another for a belief, opinion, or value. I truly believe that human beings will be responsible for the demise of our own race.


Anonymous said...

This reminded me of Anne Frank's diary... Of course people are responsible, because most of them are ignorant and they're not willing to sit down and try to understand a different point of view if it clashes with their own.

But you can't expect common sense or empathy from someone who is so uneducated and unwilling to change...


Paislea Elyse said...

i completely agree with you and i am sorry that what i have read and understood, has taken place. i do not know nor do i need to know details to have at least the simplest understanding.

i have been there. i have had similar situations and instances where, because of my opinions or the fact that i voice them, has ruined friendships | relationships because others are not secure enough with themselves to let it go and understand that it is me. it is who i am. it is what i believe in. and nothing can change that.

people need to stop judging others.
people need to respect others.
people need to appreciate others.

and most importantly - people need to stand for themselves, not letting anything whatsoever change who they are on the inside.

thanks for sharing this.

blue eyed night owl said...

Where I come from most people are quite liberal. For instance gay marriage is legal here, in fact Amsterdam used to be the gay capital of the world. But lately gay bashings seem to make a comeback.
When I think about how mean people are to each other I get very sad and mad too.
I could probably understand that some people might not feel comfortable with some issues, but I just can't wrap my head around why you have to be mean and not treat people equally.
Everyone probably wants to live in a peaceful world, why we keep sabotaging that with hate doesn't make any sense at all.

I hope whatever happened between you and your friends parents haven't affected your friendship. And I hope that in time you will manage to surround yourself with more openminded people.

Felix Curds said...


Taylors Inspiration said...

I couldn't agree more.

& I really hope that you are your friend are able to continue your friendship.