Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Fingers Crawl Like Spiders

Why doesn't it feel like Halloween? For some reason, last year felt so much different. There's only one person on my street who has halloween decorations up (aside from me). It just seems like no one gets into the spirit anymore.. :(
Anyway! I want to wish all my blog readers a happy Halloween! I'm going to go trick or treating (ahem, you're never too old) with two good friends and then watching scary movies all night. What are your plans?

c'est l'halloween.


The Breakfast Lover said...

Really? i thouht in USA evryone loves Halloween! in Mallorca we celebrate all saints day, but every year there is more people who celebrate halloween to because we think is so cool and so funny for the children!

rainboy said...

In India Halloween is not popular
usually theme pasties in night clubs on the day :)
trcik or treat .. I wish you came to my door hahaha
scary movies - that would be fun :P

Take care C

danica said...

such a great halloween post! i love all the images.

Julia said...

I never celebrate Halloween!:( Next year i'll have to:)

Naka said...

noone puts halloween decorations up on my street :( we don't even get over 5 trick or treaters either! and i lvoe the last photo :)