Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Is The First Day Of My Life

I'm so overwhelmed with fear and hopelessness. When does it get better? I miss happier times. I would give anything in order to go back. Where I simply didn't care because I never had time to think about anything. Now it's just me. And I'm haunted constantly by my thoughts.

I'm so lost without you.


April said...

These are possibly my favorite photos you've ever posted.

Maddie M. said...

1. I love your new header.
2. I know :( it will get better soon, I promise.
xoxo, lots of love.

Barbara said...

please cheer up. everything will be ok. hope you get better soon

Thelma said...

you're not alone...i feel like this too. I feel like my world is coming down on me sometimes. I have to remember that things will get better and they will for you too.

Katy said...

Hey Cassidy, you sound sad. I may not knwo what's going on but I believe if we are a good person good things will happend to us (it's just a matter of time). Hang on in there love.

rebecca said...

it gets better soon (: for every low, there is always, always a high!