Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Autumn Anticipation

          I will shamelessly admit that I actually really like school. I simply adore learning and the structure it gives to my life. The only part that I detest is the social aspect. It's difficult to enjoy something when you're surrounded by charlatans and troglodytes. What I'm probably most excited about is English, history, and my art history class. I have always been a liberal arts person; I detest math and feel indifferent about science (excluding anatomy and biology). But I'm willing to appreciate all subjects and the benefits and opportunities they provide me with.
          It always bothers me when kids say "When are we ever going to use this in real life?". A lot of the subjects taught in school are not applicable in a literal way! It's such a simple concept to grasp yet for some reason, my peers see it as incredibly difficult to understand. English - I could go on forever about how wonderful that subject is - teaches you how to analytically think, gives you a deeper perspective, and improves comprehension as well as language skills. Personally (perhaps I'm biased), I believe English (or for you foreigners, whatever your indigenious language class was) is the most important subject of all. But of course, in order to have a complete understanding, the other subjects are necessary.
          I adore history because it's basically like reading an interesting story. It's humankind's mistakes, triumphs, failures, and successes. There is so much to learn from the past. And it further enhances a person's understanding of their world. My history class last year was incredibly demanding, but I adored it because I found it so fascinating. For my junior year, I'm taking two history classes: US history and art history. Ever since I took this college credit course on art history, I fell in love. Art is my passion and so is history. Gosh, I'm so excited! I probably sound like a nerd but I don't care. Learning is one of my passions.
          As Autumn draws nearer, I can't help but feel anticipatory. The changing of seasons are always exciting  for me.

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cara said...

your enthusiasm to learn is so refreshing. i love uni too, i go insane in holidays.

Beatrice Balaj said...

Love the photos. Great inspirations.



ALYSSA said...

amazing photos.

Alice said...

Oh I wholeheartedly agree with you that the learning/studying is wonderful but the social aspect of educational institutions is detestable. I felt that way at school and I've felt that way for my entire uni course - the only place I didn't feel it was during my 2 years at college!
I also love the changing of seasons :] Last week was the first day I felt excited about autumn for this year...

Anastasia said...

I'm different, I like to do things I want on my own time. But that's me! Your attitude will get you far. C:

But in the defense of the "when will i use this" statement- when your school forces you to take a million gen ed courses, you question the necessity of some things you have NO interest in and took because you have to :c Maybe my college is just a super-bummer.

Golden Girl Olive said...

You don't sound like a nerd at all! Art history is soo interesting..don't worry about those kids you don't get along with at school just keep doing your own thing and you'll be much happier!



McKenzie King said...

wow. i saw your comment on my blog so naturally i had to check yours out. it is super rad. i love your photo's and thoughts. can't wait to read more.

lifeisamaze said...

I like this !

Preity Lama Tamang said...

Beautiful pictures. And love ur writing. Me too I can't wait to go back to school in few weeks.

Wida said...

Every one of your posts are so beautiful! I would love to know what camera you use!

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Daphné Lefebvre said...

You are so lucky to had art history class! Me, I have to wait again one year to finish my lycée and had an interresting art class. And I'm totally agree with you: at school, what is unpleasant is the social aspect. Well, I wish you a happy year (but this is pretty sure that you'll have one, with all those interesting classes)!
BTW, those pictures are absolutly amazing. I really love the light and the little word ^^

Charlotte said...

I've always loved school. heck, I became a teacher! I also always thought I hated math, but it's actually one of my favorite subjects to teach.

These pictures are gorgeous... I tried to pick a favorite, but I just love all of them.