Monday, July 4, 2011

HANA Air Review

          Having bangs, I am cursed with having to style my hair everyday in order to get it to look how I want it to. For years, I have been using blow dryers and hair straighteners that leave my hair frayed and heat damaged. I have never been an expert in hair care and I don’t use many products. Whenever I attempted to research more about things I could do to hinder the deterioration of my hair follicles, I was always overwhelmed by so many different products! Eventually, I just gave up.
  I was given the opportunity to review the new HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer and I must admit it is the perfect product for those who use heat based styling products but are worried about ruining their hair. The hair dryer has been specifically designed with ion technology that reduces damage and encourages silky, healthy hair. Not only that, but it’s surprisingly stylish and has a durable design. 
  After about four days of using the HANA hair dryer, I've noticed a significant difference. Not only does my hair feel silky and easier to style, it doesn't feel dry like it would if it was being scourged by heat. In addition to the blow dryer, I was also fortunate enough to receive two bottles of HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant. It’s a leave in treatment that is supposed to protect your hair from exposure to heat. All you have to do is get a small amount and massage it into the areas where you style your hair with heat (for me, it’s my fringe bangs) regardless if it’s wet or dry. After using the Shine Shield, I noticed how it made my hair a lot softer when I styled it. 
  The HANA Air has two adjustable fan speeds, three heat options, is environmentally safe, and guarantees a two-year-warranty. For both 2010 and 2011, it was voted the Premier Hair Dryer and is a popular product amongst Misikko customers. Indeed it is the best professional blow dryer I have had the opportunity to try. The original price for this hair dryer is $314.99 but on the Misikko website, it’s on sale for $194.99. While this price might be too expensive for some, one must decide on what beauty products they wish to invest in. I personally think a price like that is worth it if you value the health of your hair as well as product quality. I would definitely recommend the HANA Air for those who style their hair on a daily basis like myself. Misikko even guarantees free shipping on the day it’s ordered if you purchase it online. 
  Overall, I am sincerely impressed with the results of my test. I hope that this review aids you in your quest in searching for the perfect hair dryer (if you’re looking of course) and I encourage those to research the HANA Air (or Misikko’s other products) if you’re interested! 

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Alice said...

what a lovely magazine! i'd love be featured in the next issue. hope everything's fine with you! xx

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loving your blog and your magazine too! x

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I adore this picture and used to wear my hair like that too <3

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that hairdryer sounds mighty appealing- drying hair such a damaging and tedious chore, so this seems a really good investment. lovely hair, btw:)